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I have been using this cream for several months. It’s a great quality product. Rich ingredients

Denise W
On the Body Fade Cream

This is like liquid gold your face will thank you! Loving the scent and the rich moisture of this fading face cream. YAS FACE CREAM makes my face feel and appears smoother, more supple, youthful, glowing and I notice that my fine lines that I had on my forehead has diminish in just 1 week of using. THANKS DR. B for creating such an amazing product with LOVE ❤️

Alicia M
Brightening Moisturizer

i waited to write my review because i wanted to share my honest opinion...i must say i honestly haven't use soap on my face for more than 30 years,tried different face scrubs over the years.i have been using this turmeric lemon for about 10 days and i am totally loving it,the sensation on your face and the smooth finish does it for me...i will be making my second order soon because i had to share mines with famiy members

Donovan H
Turmeric Lemon Soap

Love turmeric brightening facial paste. It make your skin soft and smooth. It has self heating ingredients. Awesome.

Sallie D
Turmeric Paste

Dr. B

Nurse Practitioner, CEO

Young and Aging Skin line came into thought by a nurse practitioner who owns a medical spa in Queens, NY. Treating different skin types from the young adult to the mature, especially hyperpigmentation by various brands, provided motivation to begin a skin line with with a focus on mostly natural ingredients. With intense research , products are made by manufacturers in the USA and has great results from buyers and the owner herself, Dr. Barbara Beckford, NP. The makeup line was launch in 2020.

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